Sociable information collector.


ST: 9
DX: 10
IQ: 15
HT: 9
HP: 9
Will: 15
Per: 15
FP: 9
Basic Lift: 16
Basic Speed: 4.75
Basic Move: 4


Seleck was a homeless orphan living on the streets. At the age of 11, there wasn’t much he could do, but he got by. Doing random odd jobs for the underbelly of society, information became his game even at that young age. Born good looking with an honest face it wasn’t hard for people to trust him even then. He had no memory of his previous life from before the age of 10, simply waking up in an alley one day.
One day Seleck was caught selling classified information by a GBI agent and taken into custody. He was then interrogated by several different agents to attempt to discover how he had gained that information, but it seemed that life on the streets had hardened his will and only after resorting to more extreme methods were they able to discover that he had been given the information by an agent who thought that a kid could do nothing worthwhile with the information. The agent was reprimanded for such stupidity and rather than throwing him in jail, the agents presented Seleck with an option: either go to jail for illegal trafficking of information or be specially trained by the GBI to serve as an undercover agent. Normally such things wouldn’t happen, but it was more than obvious that Seleck had natural talent for the profession, and being so young it would be easy for them to bring him to their way of thinking.
For Seleck the choice was an easy one, jail or be given a decent job with training for free, so he accepted. Over the next few years he was given a great deal of training in order to allow him to better gain information from people. By the age of 15 his probationary period was over and he was let back out into the streets to perform the duties assigned to him. As a result of the extensive training, Seleck began having mild flashbacks of the strenuous training he went under. While not completely hampering him, at times he would visibly shake while experiencing one.
Among the changes that happened to him physically were the chemically altered need to sleep and eat. How it was done to him specifically, Seleck is still unaware, but he only requires small amounts of sleep and only needs to eat once a day. Once he became old enough to drink alcohol Seleck quickly became able to consume decent amounts of alcohol with little effect, and no matter how much he drank, never once did he receive a hangover.
To this day Seleck still does not remember those early years of his life, but he has a massive level of devotion to the government who in his mind gave him a new life and a new chance to make something decent of himself. Now at the age of 27, all he seeks to do is continue his work at gathering and exchanging information as an undercover agent.

Unknown to Seleck: He is the child of a prominent mafia family that is still active to this day specifics TBD.


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