*Ally (150%)
*Combat Reflex
*Photographic Memory
*Quick Gadgeteer

*Enemy Military Groups
*Enemy Underworld
*Pacifism Cannot Kill
*Distinctive Feature

*Beam Rifle
*Bioengineering Genetics
*Computer Hacking
*Computer Operation
*Computer Programming
*Electronics Repair Computers
*Engineer Mecha
*Explosives Fireworks
*Guns Rifle
*Mechanic Nanomachines
*Armory Battlesuit
*High Performance Spacecraft
*Speed Reading


*Laser Sniper

Armor Possessions:
*Attache Case
*Pocket Pack

*74259 mk. II Pocket Battlesuit


The name is Pockets. I have the body of a 14 year old but I have lost track of how old I really am. I have worked for numerous military organizations and such designing spaceships and weapons for them to slaughter millions. I have been nothing, but the tool to ending the lives of many. I have developed dimensional technology which is quite handy. I have recently left the service of the militaristic organizations, but they insist I work for them or death shall befall me. I have created dimensional safe houses in several worlds and continue to create them for those who know me or have known me. Each house has my signature logo on the exterior and regular people cannot access such places without a special key.

My partner is an AI bodysuit. He is fully functional on his own, but I can equip him to myself to become stronger. His names is 74259 mk II he is the second one I have made the first went to Melody and currently is her faithful body guard. As I upgrade the current one to its max potential it will be interesting to see how he evolves. The same organizations after me are also after him; since I would never develop valuable technology for anyone besides myself or someone extremely close to me.

The dark underworld is also after me to obtain what knowledge I have. They are even more persistent and more illegal in their actions to acquire me. They would rather I not be dead when they get me. They want the 74259 sphere system. Even if they were to capture him I can transfer his data to my handheld and make his body blow up. I can start his creation process over from there.

As for now I will have to finish my log later since I seem to find myself on yet another planet…



Earth That Will Be Amekaze