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Dash is a slender young man of 27, his hair is short and spiky, and his legs are long, but powerful. His eyes are a cold blue and usually stare straight ahead, lost in thought and recollection. Often, while silent, he fiddles with the earring dangling from his left lobe. Damaged fingers are all that show from the tipples shooting gloves, beneath are hands scarred from wounds long healed. A long grey duster draped over his shoulders, covering a tight mesh shirt that shows through to a black t-shirt. A slender dagger dangles from the back of his belt, and, finally, a long barreled handgun rests in a holster that dangles from his right hip. The black metal and holster blends-in to his black and baggy cargo pants.
When Dash was very young his parents were murdered by the Black Threes, a small time gang struggling to gain ground. Left orphaned, he was discovered in the disastrous remains of his home by members of the TeraFina crime syndicate in the Martian city Hera. The captain of the squad leading the “recovery” operation found young Dash crying, starved, and near death beneath his parents’ bed. Their bodies lay, slain, in the bed above him.
Once recovered, Dash was brought to an old man living in a small apartment in the heart of Hera. This old man was Master Amzoul, an ex-government assassin who betrayed his organization to work for TeraFina. Amzoul trained and raised Dash until he was 17. He acted as Dash’s father, mentor, and teacher. Amzoul was cautious of the TeraFina in his own way, but instilled in Dash the strict dedication that was required to be one of their top soldiers, and that is what Dash was to become.
On Dash’s 17th birthday Master Amzoul’s “assignment” was finished. They two of them never celebrated birthdays, but on this day Amzoul brought out a bottle of wine and poured a glass for each of them. That night, Master Amzoul was dead, and Dash was taken to the barracks to begin his formal training and indoctrination into the TeraFina army. And over the next seven years Dash would become the top hit-man of TeraFina’s elite killing squad.
Dash was infamous in the underground for his cold killing techniques, his rivals and companions alike believed that he had no conscience, or soul. The most efficient and brutal hit-man in the nation, and he was exclusively loyal to TeraFina, who had a trademark of leaving especially gruesome and bloody crime scenes. Survivors of the TeraFina onslaught did not exist, no ransoms were ever held or kidnappings committed. No one survived TeraFina’s brutality, and no space was left “unpainted” by their soldiers.
However, Dash’s unwavering loyalty was broken when he was 24. While waiting outside of an office before meeting with the current captain Dash overheard a much older veteran talking about Dash’s origins. From this overheard conversation Dash learned that his parents had, in fact, been killed by the TeraFina themselves. The Black Threes had been blamed for his parents murdered, along with 100’s of other family murders. The entire event had been organized by the acting leader at that time to recruit infants to train in a new army from infancy. The operation had been scrapped when a violent internal struggle had led to the death of the leader in charge. Although Dash began to doubt his “employer” he did not shirk his duties. But day after day his doubts grew into concerns, and eventually he began to feel remorse for his killings. But once Dash met Treah his doubts grew too large.


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